Murder Mystery Events

What all is involved with a Murder Mystery?

Every event can be a little different depending on the amount of people, venue, etc...but the general idea is this.  You and your friends, coworkers, bachelorette friends...or whoever...get together at a location of your choosing.  

It will be set up like a social gathering, usually at a restaurant, bar, private meeting room, or even your house! You all get drinks, food, or whatever you want, and CR Mystery Dinners handles the timeline of events.  You will be given character assignments, a little info about your character, and a backstory.  Someone will be "the murderer" and must keep their identity secret.  Over drinks and conversation there will be mayhem and deceit while the story unfolds.  You will question others, accuse others, and even bribe your way out of a situation to keep your information secret.  See if you can guess who the murder is!

But, how do I know what to do or say?

Each attendee will be given info about their character.  One character will be told they are the murderer on their card, but must keep it a secret.

At predetermined intervals your host will announce things...someone has been murdered...or maybe pieces of evidence have just been found.  This is the part we handle.  We make sure the event progresses along even if no one else knows what to do.

You will socialize with the other characters over drinks and/or food until you have figured out who the culprit is.  Many events also have a money element where you can bribe the other guests to get information about their character's whereabouts during the murder.

The best part about these events is that you can do and say whatever you want. Be who you want, make things up, lie, cheat, and steal your way to find...or cover up the truth. The best events are the ones where people have no idea what to say, but just get in their character's role and roll with it.

What does it cost?

That is really up to you!  These events are highly customizable, and we have the storylines and character assignments for you.  All you have to do is tell us what you want, how many people you have, and we can find something that works.

The cost can vary depending on your event, but we have more general information on our Pricing Page.

We can customize events if you prefer as well with food or drink included.