About CRMysteryDinners

Who are we?

Somewhere around 2012 some friends said, "Let's do a Murder Mystery Dinner!" And CRMysteryDinners was born. This interactive game caught on, as it takes the participants to a different time period where they can act and talk however they dang well please! Who doesn't love the opportunity to be someone else for a night?!

We are independently owned and operated, and have spent the last 7 years perfecting the art of hosting Mystery Parties for all ages! Every event is unique, and there are character roles for every personality! You may be surprised by how you and your friends step out of your comfort zones! 

These events do require at least 8 people to operate, and expand up to 80 people. We use private rooms of local bars and restaurants, or your own space, to host the parties. Contact us to get information on what we can do for your group.

What is it?

CRMysteryDinners puts on public and private Murder Mystery Events that are customizable to your group from 8-80 participants! 

These conversation-based interactive games, make you the character in the Murder Mystery! 

Never any actors! You play the characters!

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Types of Events...

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties!

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Team Building/Holiday Parties!

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Birthday Parties!

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Family Reunions, Class Reunions & other custom events!

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