About Us

Our Story

Jen loves to plan events.  In 2012, she had this crazy idea to do a murder mystery dinner where, instead of watching actors play parts, the people themselves were given roles. She didn't have any specific reason to put together an event like this, so she asked a friend if she could do it for her birthday party. It was a great success, and ever since then, people have been asking to host their own events with Jen at the helm. Thus, CR Mystery Dinners was born.

Our Events

Jen has planned tons of events since its inception, and has no plans of stopping.  Each event is unique, and everyone is usually surprised at how easy it is to play a part. The best feeling is when people are nervous about what to expect, and then go home talking about how great it was! You don't have to have any acting skills to be a part of the fun.

Our Customers

Birthday parties, family reunions, corporate parties, team building, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, whatever you want, we can make it happen. 

We have even done multiple events on New Years Eve as a way to get your friends together and have a rocking start to your evening, and a great way to end your year!